If you could describe the character of Fashion & Sports industry, perhaps words like dynamic, adventurous, fun yet serious will come to your mind. These are the exact words which describe the true character of SSIPL today. An organization made of the young & the enthusiastic, and nurtured by the experienced and the wise, SSIPL believes in offering sustainable &growth-oriented opportunities to its stakeholders.

Our work culture can be defined as “easy-going” with focus of the management on progression, training, mentoring & recognition. We believe everyone needs their own space to do their own thing, and to bring this balance, we provide the necessary space for our resources to think, plan and perform. If we are strict and stubborn about something then it has to be our commitment to open and fair opportunities without any discrimination.

Our free and frank surroundings, along with 360-degree appraisal system are custom created to boost performance and work satisfaction. We are open to feedback and provide our resources multiple channels to voice their opinions and ensure that their concerns, or suggestions, are heard.

Continuous Development Wing, or CDW as we like to call it, is a learning and development wing we have established with the sole purpose of training and continuously enhancing the capabilities of our resources. At SSIPL, from professional satisfaction to work-life balance, we keep our employees’ wishes ahead of the company’s. As we like to say it at SSIPL, ‘To be yourself’ perfectly defines our work culture.

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